You may use a Real Estate Appraisal for the following purposes:

  • You are new to the area and need assistance with purchasing a specific property.
  • You want to remove the PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) charge from your monthly mortgage payment. The appraisal is used to support the current equity value of your home to your lender.
  • You want to sell your home and require assistance in setting a price.
  • You must determine your equity in your home for loan purposes: you are applying for a Home Equity Loan or a Second Mortgage.
  • You require a value on your property for legal purposes:
    • Trust valuation
    • Estate planning
    • Estate valuation
    • Divorce
    • Easements for utilities or roadways
    • Bankruptcy
  • Your employer has a Relocation Program that requires a specific type of appraisal.